Upcoming neighborhood

10 acres of land for sale in Entebbe. This land is freehold and no encumbrances. The asking price is UGX 200M per acre.

Options available for this land use:
1. Hotel Development.
2. Invest in Rentals (Remember Entebbe is faced with a huge housing deficient possibly because of the increasing population)
3. Apartments for sale a.k.a Condos; OR Townhouses, Standalone bungalows, for sale TARGETING middle income earners…
4. High-class beach/lake view houses targeting celebrities AND… “Footballers”!.
5. Subdivide the land into plots and double your income (10 acres will give you 80plots (50×100) sale each at 50m UGX
6. Re-sale in the near future at possibly 500m per acre!!!


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